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Two-Way Radios: Why You Should Rent For Your Next Event

Running an event, no matter how big or small, takes careful planning, precision, and effective communication throughout the entirety of the event. How can you run your event flawlessly from start to finish? With two-way radios, of course.

Whether you own your own entertainment business, or you are throwing a one time event, two-way radios will be your affordable, go-to communication method. The best part is that you don’t have to purchase them out of pocket, but rather you can rent them from Tidewater Communications.

Improve Security 

Two-way radios ensure the safety of guests and employees. Unfortunately, anything can happen, and it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. A security threat, natural disaster, or medical emergency can strike at any time, but with a handy two-way radio, your staff will be able to act quickly. Radios also offer a secure and reliable communication network, which can offer an extra level of security for private events or even government affairs. 

Two-way radios are also great for security checkpoints and for security guards and team members to discuss any suspicious activity on the property. Perhaps guests are gathering around and blocking an emergency exit, your team can act fast and disperse them quickly. 


Have you ever been talking on your cell phone, when suddenly the other party starts to break up? Or perhaps you tried to add multiple people to a call and you could only hear every other word. That is not very effective especially when you are trying to run an event, making sure the event is going as scheduled and planned.

Cell phones typically have dead spots and operate slower in busy populated areas. Two-way radios, on the other hand, offer an increase in reliability. Ensuring that all parties stay connected no matter what. It is a form of wireless communication that you can count on without a doubt.

Do More, With Less 

You have heard of the saying, less is more. Well, with two-way radios, it really is. You can run an event more efficiently and save money back into your pocket just by simply using a two-way radio. Radios also allow you to serve and accommodate more guests with less work and less staff. More communication, less confusion, and less back and forth between team members. 

If you are hosting a concert, you can organize who is to be on stage next. Corporate events can organize seating, meals, and speakers. The number of uses are quite literally endless. 

Rain or Shine, Two-Way Radios are Reliable 

Especially during the winter months, the weather can prove unpredictable. Two-way radios can help you act fast and save any event. Perhaps the weather went from sunny to rainy, you can quickly organize alterations to the event while the event is happening. You can get extra canopies set up, and even outdoor heaters going. Don’t get stuck in a position where you cannot act swiftly. The show must go on as they say! 

Plus, the durability of radios allow for use in any weather conditions. If your cell phone gets tossed around or exposed to the elements long enough, chances are it will quit working. Not two-way radios. The radios we provide are tough and made to last.

Benefits of Renting 

Millions of events happen every single year. Renting a two-way radio system can help save your event time and money. Tidewater Communications can get you a whole fleet of radios in no time at all. Rent them for a week, a month, or a year.

The choice is yours. Purchasing and maintaining your own radio equipment can prove quite costly. When you rent from us, we also provide radio repair services for when you need repairs fast.  

Get Two-way Radios for Your Next Event 

Whether you are in charge of putting on a wedding event, a corporate meeting, or a concert, you need two-way radios. With just a push of a button, staff and team members across the entire venue can be connected. More chairs are needed at table one? Easy. The bathroom needs attention? Done. WIth the help of two-way radios, things are easily and quickly communicated. This way you can get the job done faster, and the guests can keep on having a good time.


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