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Two Way Radios vs. Cell Phones: 5 Benefits of Two Way Radios for Your Business

Almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. Whether it is a smartphone like an Apple or Android or even a flip phone, the majority of the population carries one around with them wherever they go. Some have them so they can use social media, others have them so they can communicate with their job, while others have them solely in case of an emergency. Are they effective though? And by effective, we mean cost effective and reliable in case of emergencies. Let’s find out. Below we will compare and contrast Two Way Radios vs. Cell Phones, going over the benefits and more. 


Cell phones are unpredictable, to say the least. Trying to use a cell phone in a parking garage? No way. Hospital? Nope. What about if a nearby telephone pole goes down? Good luck with trying to make a call. This is where a two way radio will come in handy. Stay connected with your employees in even the most unreachable places. Chat with one employee or get in contact with the whole team, the choice is yours, and two way radios make it as convenient as ever. 

Make having two way radios a part of your emergency preparedness plan. Even better, make two way radios a part of your day to day business plan. This way, you will be prepared day in and day out. 

benefits of two way radios

Built to Last  

For those jobs and employees that are harder on their devices, two way radios are perfect because they are made to be durable and resistant to heavy wear and tear. They are also easy to use for those that need to wear gloves or heavy duty gear. Unlike cell phones, you can utilize a radio while still wearing gloves. 


Phone plans are expensive. The cell phone devices are expensive, and they are not very durable, and the cell phone companies charge a ton in monthly service fees. With two-way radios, you can avoid all of these extra costs. In fact, the average company spends about $309.17 per year, per employee. If you are a company that has 50 employees, well that adds up pretty quickly. 

With radios, they can even be shared. For example, perhaps a worker checks out a radio every day at the start of their shift and checks it back in at the end of the day. This eliminates the need to have a cell phone for each individual employee. Not to mention, the average iPhone or Samsung device goes for nearly $1,000. It does not end there, these kinds of devices are reliable for a couple of years at best before they need to be upgraded. Even if you try to go with a cheaper device, the cheaper devices are not going to be made to last at all. Two way radios are more affordable in multiple ways, they last a long time and rarely need to be replaced. The best part is that if something does go wrong with your radio, Tidewater Communications is here to repair it.

cons of cellphones

Loud and Clear 

“Hello? Can you hear me? Hold on, let me call you right back. Hello? Can you hear me now? Ok, wait let me move over here. How about now?” 

You have probably experienced a phone call like this. How frustrating, right? Having a conversation with your co-workers or fellow department members should not be that hard. Truth is, big buildings, warehouses, hospitals, basements, stairways, elevators, and more, all get pretty poor reception. This results in the above conversation. With two way radios, there is none of this. You will not experience dropped calls or poor reception when trying to use a radio. 

Just pure, clear communication when and where you need it.

Unlike many cell phones, two-way radios are designed to offer clear communication in most conditions. They often include features that reduce wind noise and allow resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures, and wet conditions.


Two way radios are a great option even for those who may be less technologically inclined. They are easy to use. Whereas some people get frustrated when trying to use a cell phone, especially one that they are unfamiliar with. In addition, companies can hold simple group conversations with the push to talk feature, which allows for instant communication. With an easy push to talk feature pre-programmed into the radio, the user does not have to do anything special to communicate with that specific group, it is already all set up for them.Not sure which radio is perfect for your team? Contact Tidewater Communications today and we can recommend the radio to suit all of your needs.


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