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Radio Solutions For School Safety

Schools come in various sizes but no matter the size of the school there is always one thing that is the school’s top priority: safety. Parents drop off their children at K-12 schools across the nation and rely on these schools to keep them safe for 8+ hours a day. One study done by the CDC found that of high school students surveyed, 8% of them had been in an on-campus fight within the last year. It is on campus violence like this that two-way radios can help prevent. Radios keep administrators, teachers, security, and other various staff members connected throughout the entire school day.  

School Events 

School events are fun and common in K-12 schools. Schools tend to have fairs, carnivals, sporting events, dances, and more. How do you ensure that students, staff, and parents are kept safe throughout the entirety of these events? Your answer: two-way radio communication. 

Two-way radios can be helpful in the following ways: 

  • Ensuring proper setup and takedown of school events
  • Eliminating the chances of danger at a given event 
  • Calling for help in the case of someone being injured 
  • If only certain people are permitted to the event, then two-way radios are a great security method to make sure no intruders or unauthorized persons are on campus 
  • Coaches can communicate with each other during sporting events
  • Clean up staff can be alerted if there is a spill
  • Fights amongst students can be quickly put to an end

Plus a million other ways. Once you start using radios at school, you won’t know how you even went without them. Perhaps only certain staff members currently utilize radios, by opening up the use of radios to even more staff members, you allow for increased security and school safety measures.  


Keep Yard Duty Connected 

You have heard the saying “kids will be kids.” Kids, especially at the elementary school level are rambunctious and full of energy. This means it is more than likely that an injury or two will occur at some point. Whether they fall on the asphalt or try jumping off the swings, if your yard duty or recess staff are connected with radios, then the front office can be immediately alerted. Depending on the injuries, emergency services can then be promptly called. It is situations like this where time is of the essence. 

Radio solutions also increase school safety by ensuring that school intruders do not have access to the campus. If something or someone seems out of place, it is easy to alert several faculty members or the whole school with Motorola Radio Systems. Whether you have a school staff of 10 or 110, you will be connected no matter what. 

For some campuses that have a closed campus system, it might be easier to maintain security measures, but that does not mean that security breaches won’t occur. On the other hand, for campuses that are more open and easier for non-students to walk on or off, having two-way radio communication will be essential. In either case, in the event of a nearby emergency like a robbery, schools near the crime scene tend to go on lockdown. Having faculty connected with 2-way radios will ensure the school is properly locked down until the emergency passes.  

Pickups and Drop Offs

Afternoon pickups and morning school drop-offs are a vital part of school safety, especially amongst younger students. Younger, elementary school students, typically need a parent to sign them in and sign them out upon dropping off and picking up. Regardless of the school’s methods/requirements, two-way radios can ensure that no mishaps occur during these times. Two-way radios allow teachers and faculty members to alert each other when a student’s parent is there for pick up/drop off, or if something seems out of the ordinary. The most common concern during these morning and afternoon arrivals and departures is a student being picked up or taken off-campus by someone who is not their designated guardian. 

Especially during the Pandemic, there have been cases where students accidentally went home with a parent that wasn’t theirs because of the confusion that masks can cause amongst children. It seems like something that would never happen, but it does and it has. 

Avoid any mishaps like these with two-way radios from Tidewater Communications. Keep students of all ages and grades safe no matter what. The world is unpredictable, and radios allow you to take action sooner when the timing is everything. 


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