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Radio Rentals

Two-Way Radio Rental Program

Save Time & Expense

With our Rental program, there’s no need to tap your capital expense budget or to incur the inventory expense of stocking additional radios year-round when you only need them for a limited period of time. Radio Rental offers an affordable, interim communications solution that meets your immediate business need.

Customize For Radio Needs

Radio Rental is an easy way to add temporary radios to your fleet. We can program the radios to your specific frequencies or ship them with pre-set frequencies for re-programming upon arrival.

Rental Time Is Up To You

Radios can be rented for as short as one week or multiple years. A full range of accessories are also available and including: headsets, batteries and microphones.

Our Motorola UHF and VHF radios are high tier in quality and military spec’d for use in virtually any environment.

Radio Rentals Are Great For A Variety Of Industries

  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Sports Events
  • Churches & Schools
  • Security
  • Emergencies
  • Office Moves
  • Hunting Trips

Tidewater Communications has everything for all of your wireless needs. We offer a wide range of radio rental opportunities to meet your short-term two-way communications needs. Our two-way equipment rentals provide wireless communications for short-term and long-term rentals. The following are just some of the many uses of our two-way radios.


Whether your construction project is short term, or you own a full fledged construction company, our equipment rentals can help any project run smoothly. Construction workers are always on the move, and need to be able to have constant communication with their team members. When it comes to moving heavy materials and equipment, and operating heavy duty machinery, there is no room for error or lack of communication. This is where our two-way radio rentals come into play. Not only does the use of radio ensure the safety of construction workers, but the communication equipment that we provide is built to hold up in rough construction environments. When you rent one of our radio systems, you can ensure that your equipment is durable, lightweight, safe, affordable, and easy to use.

Special Events

Hospitality and entertainment industries use two-way radios in order to coordinate and provide visitors/customers with top of the line service. Many industries would not be able to run the same without wireless technology. Industries such as restaurants, hotels, festivals, etc. Radios and walkie talkies make these kinds of events functionable and safe for not only the customers but the staff as well.

How do these industries utilize radios? Restaurants can use them to ensure fast service, valet for restaurants and other events can coordinate parking, management can organize and communicate with a large group of team members, and more. When it comes to large events, workers are spread out over vast areas, specialized technology ensures that everyone is doing what they need to be, and that they are where they need to be at all times. Another plus to our technology is that our radios are able to handle various weather conditions, so no matter how the weather gets during your event, you know you are covered.

Meetings, Conventions, and Fund-raising Events

Radios can prove extremely useful during events. From the set up of the event, to the taking down of the event, having constant wireless communication is essential. Especially when these events or conventions are large scale events. For example, someone a conference might find radios useful so that the event can stay organized. This can help event organizers keep track of who is next to speak, or the location of certain people. The possibilities are endless.

Sports Events

Sporting events take tons of organization and strong communication between workers and team members in order to run smoothly. Radios can be helpful for coaches needing to communicate with one another, for security team members, and for clean up staff. There are many components to a sporting event, and a two-way radio can make the whole event flawless from start to finish.

Church or School Field Trips

Many schools are beginning to adapt two-way radios as their main source of communication. These technologies are playing a huge role in the day-to-day operations of many schools, helping school administrators stay connected and organized. The crossing guards are even using them to help direct traffic, and administrators can keep in touch with other teachers, staff members, and janitorial staff.

Two-way radios are especially useful during morning and after school traffic hours, to assist with bus loading zones, on the playground, during field trips, and during assemblies or sporting events.

The same goes for large churches. Radios can help church members communicate throughout the service, from set up, to morning worship, to ensuring that entrances are secure.


Radios are helpful for both short term and long term security needs. Security companies have relied on two-way radios for a long time. This helps guards perform their work duties such as monitoring their assigned location, communication with other guards, apprehending suspects, and securing exits and entrances. This allows for a constant flow of communication from guard to guard. Not to mention, radios allow for quick response times during an emergency situation.


Emergency preparedness is vital for any school, event, corporation, and more. When an emergency strikes, radios between staff members and workers allow for speedy action. In serious situations, this quick response time thanks to radios can be the difference between life and death. Be prepared for the unexpected with our two-way radio systems. Whether it is a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or something else, having an accessible wireless device is essential.

Office Moves

Large companies and corporations may find radios and walkie talkies extremely useful. Especially companies that utilize large office spaces. You don’t want to have staff members running back and forth to each other trying to communicate what needs to be done and what needs to be moved where. Instead, you can just pick up your radio and talk. This is a prime example of a short-term radio need.

Hunting Trips

If you want to ensure a fun and safe hunting trip, you need a radio to be able to communicate with your other hunters. Perhaps you need a vehicle to be brought to you so you can load up your kill. Or what if someone gets injured on the hunt and you need to alert the others? With two-way radios you can stay connected over large geographical areas no matter what.

Our Fleet of Rental Equipment Includes:

  • Two-Way Radios
  • Portable Base Stations/Repeaters
  • High-Noise Head Sets
  • Light Duty Headsets
  • Speaker Microphones
  • Earpieces
  • Carry Holsters
  • Multi/Single Chargers

Two-Way radios

Two-way radios allow for individuals to keep in contact using radio waves. Each person will have a radio unit that they can talk and communicate through. It can be as easy as two radios talking to each other, or a whole network covering thousands of miles. Walkie-talkie is another term for these radios, which is the more simplified term.

Portables Base Stations/Repeaters

These enhance connectivity and extend the coverage of two-way radio networking. If you are looking to extend your radio coverage, then portable base stations and repeaters are a must.
Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium is the lightest metal, and has the best electrochemical availability. Batteries using lithium are able to supply high voltages and energy density.

High Noise Double-muff Headsets

Perfect for any athletic event, racing event, warehouse, and more. You can’t have outside distractions when you are trying to listen to those trying to communicate with you.

Light Duty Headsets

Perfect for those on the move. If you are trying to man an entire event, and are running all over the place, you can’t be weighed down. This is why we have light duty headset options. This headset option is extremely light and versatile.

Speaker Microphones

Hearing those talking to you is the most important part of two-way communication. Which is why our speaker microphones are high quality, allowing for pristine audio. Not to mention they are heavy duty and professional grade.


Perfect for event management, theatre, film productions, fairs, security services and more. Earpieces are very light, comfortable, and excellent for voice recognition. Another great option for those constantly moving around, who need a lightweight but durable option.

Carry Holsters

Don’t want to have to carry your equipment? No problem. Our holsters conveniently hold your equipment, allowing for hands free communication.

Multi/Single Unit Chargers

Out in the field you cannot have your radio battery dying and lost communication. This can hurt your organization. Our charging units keep all of your radios charged, ensuring that you have connectivity on the job at all times. Keep you and your team safe and powered for extensive periods of time.

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