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Radio Rentals Washington D.C.

Two-Way Radio Rental Program

Save Time & Expense with Radio Rentals

With our Rental Suffolk Virginia program, there’s no need to tap your capital expense budget or to incur the inventory expense of stocking additional radios year-round when you only need them for a limited period of time. Radio Rental Washington D.C. offers an affordable, interim communications solution that meets your immediate business need.

Radio Rental Washington D.C.

Customize For Radio Needs

Radio Rental Washington D.C. is an easy way to add temporary radios to your fleet. We can program the radios to your specific frequencies or ship them with pre-set frequencies for re-programming upon arrival.

Rental Time Is Up To You

Radios can be rented for as short as one week or multiple years. A full range of accessories are also available and including: headsets, batteries and microphones.

Our Motorola UHF and VHF radios are high tier in quality and military spec’d for use in virtually any environment.

Radio Rentals Washington D.C. Are Great For A Variety Of Industries

  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Sports Events
  • Churches & Schools
  • Security
  • Emergencies
  • Office Moves
  • Hunting Trips

Why choose Tidewater Communications for your two-way radio needs? By choosing to operate your business with radio rentals at the heart of it, you allow for affordable, constant communication within and beyond the Washington DC area. Especially with being in the nation’s capital, many businesses and organizations find that security is their top concern. Two-way radios allow for a safer and more secure connection between organization members. Below you will find all the ways two-way radio rentals can be used in Washington D.C. 


Not only do radio rentals help construction workers effectively build or work on roads, but they keep each worker safe and out of harm’s way. The ability to communicate with a push of a button and reach one or many team members at any given time is key to each worker’s safety. The two-way radio rentals that we provide you are durable and easy to use. They eliminate the distraction of normal cell phones while providing more prompt and reliable communication. If you are not already utilizing radios for your construction agency in Washington D.C., it may be time to think about implementing this technology.

Special Events

Radio rentals can prove beneficial to nearly any event. In D.C. many events benefit from two-way radios, such as conferences, live speeches, fundraisers, large meetings, and more. Other industries that find them helpful in conducting business are the hospitality and entertainment industries such as restaurants and concert venues. By utilizing two-way radio rentals any event can easily communicate with other team members, ensure all the guests are safe and that the event is running smoothly overall. Some events take place in large buildings with multiple levels or venues that cover a few acres, no one has the time to run around an event trying to alert other workers of what needs to be done. This is not efficient. Instead, you can just radio each team member in case of emergency or to ensure that each task is being done according to plan.

Sporting Events

Another popular event in Washington D.C. is sporting events. Whether it is a high school team or a professional team, coaches still need to be able to communicate all the same. Radio rentals allow for quick communication. Large sporting events rely on radios to be able to communicate with various staff members, such as cleaning crews, food carts, security, ticket booths, and more. 

Church or School Field Trips

There is nothing more important than ensuring that students and teachers are all safe and accounted for on a school field trip. Other teachers or chaperones can let others know that they are taking a bathroom break or where their location is, especially if the field trip covers a large area.  

Large churches can also benefit from radios. They can utilize them for morning church set up and breakdown, directing and organizing parking, and communicating with other church members.


Security companies are another industry that heavily relies on radios for their wireless communication needs. Oftentimes, security guards need to check in with supervisors throughout their shift to let them know the area is secure, and radios are perfect for this. Almost every event uses a security guard: sporting events, concerts, conventions, you name it. Keep your security guards armed with the best Motorola two-way radios when you rent from Tidewater Communications. 


An emergency can happen at any place or time. By renting our radios you are connected and prepared for the unexpected. Alert other employees or workers of the emergency at hand, request backup, or call for help with two-way radios. Disasters can strike whenever, but when they do, you and your team will be able to communicate with ease and follow an emergency preparedness game plan. 

Office Moves

Yelling across a huge office space or a warehouse is not effective. Having to stay on the phone with someone constantly is not effective. What is effective is a two-way radio. Put it in your holster when it is not in use, and pick it up to talk when you need it. This is the most effective way to work in a large office, warehouse, or during a big office move. 

Hunting Trips

Stay connected with your fellow hunters no matter what. You don’t go out in the wilderness without a connected device. Radios give each hunter peace of mind knowing that they are in constant communication with the group.

Our Fleet of Washington D.C. Radio Rental Equipment Includes:

  • Two-Way Radios
  • Portable Base Stations/Repeaters
  • High-Noise Head Sets
  • Light Duty Headsets
  • Speaker Microphones
  • Earpieces
  • Carry Holsters
  • Multi/Single Chargers

Two-Way radios

We offer in-store radio pickups or we can ship any device to you. The radios we send can be programmed already, and ready for your immediate use. Get connected in no time with our rentals. We only supply the best Motorola products, that are of the newest and most up to date technology. We are certified and authorized Motorola dealers, and our current clients range from small businesses to government agencies.

Portables Base Stations/Repeaters

Enhance the connectivity of your two-way radio. These help with the extension of radio coverage, allowing for a more reliable network connection.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Made from the lightest metal with the best available electrochemical ability, these batteries allow for some of the highest voltages.

High Noise Double-muff Headsets

Eliminate outside noise with our heavy-duty headsets. Events like concerts and sports can get loud, but with these headsets, you can tune out the noise and listen to what is going on in your headset.

Light Duty Headsets

Need a lightweight headset? Perfect for those who don’t want to be weighed down. Use them in the office or during an event as they are discreet and versatile. 

Speaker Microphones

A clear and crisp sound is what you will get with our microphones. Here everything you need is loud and clear. There will be no echoing or static with these top of the line microphones. 


Comfort is important, and so is having a lightweight and durable earpiece. Earpieces are the perfect accessory for any industry. 

Carry Holsters

When your radio isn’t in use, just pop it in the holster. No need to carry it around or forget where you set it down. When you need it, just pick it up and talk or listen. It is as easy as that. 

Multi/Single Unit Chargers

You cannot have a radio without a reliable charging station. Make sure you are prepared with all the right accessories. We can help you choose the perfect ones. Keeping your devices charged with our charging units just might be the most important accessory. You can’t have your radio dying on you when duty calls.  

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