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Radio Rentals Richmond, VA

Two-Way Radio Rental Program

Save Time & Expense

With our Rental Richmond Virginia program, there’s no need to tap your capital expense budget or to incur the inventory expense of stocking additional radios year-round when you only need them for a limited period of time. Radio Rental Richmond Virginia offers an affordable, interim communications solution that meets your immediate business need.

Radio Rental Richmond

Customize You Richmond Radio Rental Needs

Radio Rental Richmond is an easy way to add temporary radios to your fleet. We can program the radios to your specific frequencies or ship them with pre-set frequencies for re-programming upon arrival.

Rental Time Is Up To You

Radios can be rented for as short as one week or multiple years. A full range of accessories are also available and including: headsets, batteries and microphones.

Our Motorola UHF and VHF radios are high tier in quality and military spec’d for use in virtually any environment.

Radio Rentals Richmond Are Great For A Variety Of Industries

  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Sports Events
  • Churches & Schools
  • Security
  • Emergencies
  • Office Moves
  • Hunting Trips

There are many uses for two-way radio rentals. At Tidewater Communications, we offer both long and short term Richmond radio equipment rentals. Whether you run a large company that has team members spanning hundreds of miles, or you run a small local office, we have the radio rentals needed for your business to run smoothly. 


Do you own your own construction company? Then two-way radios can help boost your company’s productivity and efficiency. Construction jobs require excellent communication and two-way radios make this easy with just a push of a button. Keep track of your workers at all times with our radio rentals. Whether your company operates in or outside of the Richmond area, our radio rentals can be programmed to accommodate any distance. Great for on the go communication that is reliable and distraction-free. 

Special Events

Many entertainment industries in Richmond are enjoying the wonders of two-way communication. Radios help coordinators and team members organize events and communicate easily with one another during the setup, throughout the event, and during the breakdown. Coordinate who is the next speaker for the event, find out where each security guard is positioned, or request the cleanup crew, there are many advantages to supplying each individual or group with a radio. 

These special events might include:

  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Fundraisers 
  • Church Events
  • Valet Services
  • Restaurant Staff
  • Graduations 
  • Field Trips 
  • Sporting Events 
  • Flea Markets 
  • Swap Meets 
  • And More!


Be ready for the unexpected with a radio system. Schools in Richmond can benefit from utilizing two-way communication. Teachers and staff members can use radios to alert administrators of an emergency. Examples of this could be a student being injured on the playground, a school intruder, or a natural disaster. Radio communication is essential and allows for extra reliability 

Office Moves

Large offices or warehouses operating in Richmond, Virginia can get work done faster and more efficiently with the use of radio technology. Eliminate yelling across the office space or going back and forth between buildings, instead, you can just radio your team members. Our radios allow for hands-free communication so that you can stay focused and get the job done.

Hunting Trips

Whether you are hunting with a large group of people or a small and intimate group, you need to stay connected in case you get separated. When in the woods it is easy to get separated from the group, and radios allow for a constant reliable connection. Whereas with a cell phone, you might get no signal, two-way radios will be your reliable source for contact. 

Our Fleet of Richmond Radio Rental Equipment Includes:

  • Two-Way Radios
  • Portable Base Stations/Repeaters
  • High-Noise Head Sets
  • Light Duty Headsets
  • Speaker Microphones
  • Earpieces
  • Carry Holsters
  • Multi/Single Chargers

Two-Way radios

Two-way radios allow for two-way communication between individuals or groups of people. They make communicating with team members and other staff members a breeze. Each person or group can have their radio unit, and leave them on while they are working. These radios use fairly simple technology and runoff of radio waves that can cover thousands of miles.

Portables Base Stations/Repeaters

Using a base station or repeater improves and extends the coverage of your radio. These accessories are a must if you want to guarantee connectivity.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The majority of our Motorola radios use lithium-ion batteries. While there are other batteries, lithium supplies high voltage and energy density to the radios. 

High Noise Double-muff Headsets

Prevent against the loud noises and distractions of sporting events, warehouse operations, and construction with our high noise tolerant headsets. When communication is essential, you need these headphones to be able to hear clearly despite all of the outside noise. 

Light Duty Headsets

Not as heavy duty, but the go-to for quieter on-the-go communication. These types of headphones would be perfect for school administrators, small offices, and security guards who do a lot of moving. Not only are they lightweight but they also allow for clear sound. 

Speaker Microphones

Hearing and talking are the two most vital parts of two-way communication. You need good headsets and microphones to avoid any miscommunications or mistakes on the job. Our microphones are of durable and professional grade, allowing for clear communication every time.


Lightweight, discreet, and comfortable. If you aren’t looking for a bulky headset or you need a lighter option for the on-the-go, then earpieces will be your go-to. Perfect for security guards or event management.

Carry Holsters

Holsters are a must have so you don’t have to carry around a radio all day long. Whether you are a construction worker or an event team member, hands-free communication is important while on the job. When your radio is not in use, just put it away on your hip. 

Multi/Single Unit Chargers

Technology dies eventually, unfortunately. Always stay prepared with a charging unit. Once your radio starts to run low, pop it in the charger until it reaches a full charge. Stay connected no matter what with our multi or single unit chargers. Charge one or charge them all. 

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