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Motorola PR1500 Portable

The Motorola PR1500 portable two-way radio combines ruggedness and reliability with advanced features and a sturdy design. Designed for easy migration to Project 25 standards, this radio is able to communicate across agencies and jurisdictions at mission-critical times.Enhanced sound clarity and dynamics nest in an ergonomic design. The bigger knobs and controls that can be easily operated — even while wearing heavy gloves.

Features At-A-Glance

  1. Compatibility with P25 standards
  2. Software upgrade allows radio interoperability across
  3. agencies, networks and jurisdictions.
  4. Nuisance channel delete
  5. Temporarily removes undesired channel from a scan.
  6. Large, raised knobs
  7. Enlarged for maximum tactile response, accommodating
  8. users wearing gloves.
  9. X-PandTM  voice compression
  10. Keeps audio quality clean and crisp, even in noisy
  11. environments.
  12. Priority channel mode
  13. Scans for higher-priority channel.
  14. Voice-operated transmit
  15. Enables hands-free operation with use of a headset
  16. accessory.
  17. Programmable side and Push-to-Talk buttons
  18. Allows easy access to user’s customized, favorite features.
  19. Quik Call IITM and MDC 1200 signaling
  20. Sends and receives through features such as Push-to-Talk,
  21. Selective Call and Call Alert.
  22. Emergency button
  23. Alerts supervisor or dispatcher during an emergency
  24. situation.


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