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Connect Anywhere with MOTOTRBO

Motorola MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows you to communicate with MOTOTRBO users and talkgroups with an easy-to-use Android or iOS application on your smartphone or mobile device.Digital communications has been redefined with this mobile app solution that helps workers connect without limits. MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows you to communicate with MOTOTRBO users and talkgroups with an easy-to-use Android or iOS application on your smartphone or mobile device. Now you can communicate with an extended workforce without compromising the reliable, high-quality MOTOTRBO network you know and trust.MOTOTRBO Anywhere utilizes the digital wireline interface on the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Gateway to deliver radio-like features over an IP network. Large numbers of talkgroups can be accommodated, and every external user can be configured with a unique profile as necessary.

Features At-A-Glance

  1. Unique Profile for Every User
  2. When you log in to the MOTOTRBO Anywhere App with your username and password, your unique user
  3. profile of contacts and talk-groups will be waiting for you. You can be productive straight away.
  4. Visual Activity Indication
  5. Even if you can’t listen to every team, the screen of your smartphone will show you exactly when a
  6. talkgroup is active.
  7. Secure Communications
  8. You can be secure in the confidentiality of your communications—on MOTOTRBO Anywhere, control and
  9. voice traffic are both secured using AES 256 bit encryption.
  10. Private Calls, Group Calls, Multi-Group Calls
  11. Make discreet private calls to individual MOTOTRBO users directly from your smartphone. Or connect with
  12. a whole team, group or department. MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows you to communicate with a talkgroup of
  13. up to 1000 people at once. You can even listen to up to 16 talkgroups simultaneously.
  14. Call History
  15. MOTOTRBO Anywhere keeps a visual record of all the calls you’ve made. Call logs are maintained for 7 days on the Gateway and
  16. from the last logon as a Client feature – and if you have an incident that requires further analysis, you can export the log from
  17. the Gateway as a file (csv format).
  18. Prioritization
  19. The MOTOTRBO Anywhere App makes sure that the most important communications always get to you. Private calls take priority
  20. over group calls, and incoming cellular voice calls take priority over private and group calls. Once that cellular call is over,
  21. normal MOTOTRBO Anywhere functionality is seamlessly restored.
  22. Visual Indication of Network Connection
  23. Need to keep track of your cellular data usage? The MOTOTRBO Anywhere App clearly shows you whether you’re connecting via
  24. Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.
  25. Secure Centralized Provisioning
  26. The MOTOTRBO Anywhere Gateway gives you robust and secure management of your client accounts. The Provisioning Portal has
  27. password protection, and is accessible remotely using an SSL-based secure mechanism for login – logout.


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