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Increase Mall Security With Instant Communication

There are over 116,000 shopping malls in the United States alone. Many of us go to malls to have fun, shop for presents, or spend the day with family and friends. We often do not think about “bad” things happening at malls. However, malls can be a breeding ground for theft, and the instant communication methods that your mall employs can make a difference. 

Loss Prevention and Surveillance 

With our two-way radios your mall security can do the following: 

  • Easily identify shoplifters and alert other members of security. This allows for fast response times and the ability to stop the shoplifter.
  • Identify and alert others of a returning shoplifter. Oftentimes, if they steal once, they will steal again. Even if they are banned from the mall. With a two-way radio, if a security guard identifies a returning shoplifter, they can quickly react. 
  • Alert others of potential suspicious behavior or disruptive customers. 

Security members can discreetly communicate with individual team members or the whole group. Those who are stationed at the front entrances can communicate to those in the surveillance room, and those that are spread throughout the mall, and so forth. Radios allow for a large communication web between all mall security personnel.  



An emergency can strike whenever, and it is important that mall security personnel be on top of any and any emergency with instant communication. Some example emergency situations where a two-way radio can come in handy are: 

  • A medical emergency. Respond fast to medical emergencies with instant two-way communication. Call 911, clear exits, and get the person the medical help they need and fast. When an emergency strikes, it is all hands on deck, and security personnel are always going to be the first to the scene. It is important that everyone is alerted and knows their place in a time of emergency. 
  • Fire or natural disaster. In the event of a fire or some other natural disaster, it is important that all exits be cleared and that the mall gets cleared out via the safest possible route. Two-way radios allow security team members to work together, and have constant communication throughout the whole situation. 
  • A dangerous guest or shooting. While we always hope that these things do not occur, it would be naive of us to suggest that they do not occur. The best thing we can do in scary situations such as these is to be prepared. With two-way radios, security members will be connected with just a touch of a button. This allows team members to take the best course of action should something tragic happen at the mall. 

Maintenance Alerts 

Mall security are the eyes and ears of the entire establishment. Perhaps there is a plumbing issue in one of the bathrooms, a guest might seek out the first security guard that they see and alert them. It is then this guard’s duty to ensure that others are alerted and that a plumber or maintenance team gets to the bathroom ASAP. 

Malls tend to have food courts, which also means an increased chance that a spill occurs. If someone spills a drink in the middle of the mall, this can be quite a hazard for guests. The mall could even be held liable for not cleaning up such a mess in the event that an individual slips and falls. Waste no time when a spill occurs, alert a clean up crew via radio, and monitor the spill until someone is able to come and clean it up. 


Mall parking can get crazy at times, especially during peak shopping seasons like the summer and during Christmas. It may sometimes be necessary to have security guards out at mall entrances and throughout the parking lot or parking structure directing traffic with cones and flags. With two-way radios and the best Motorola devices, security guards can communicate when various parking levels or lots are at max capacity, allowing for a more seamless parking experience for guests. 

Protect Mall Staff and Customers Today 

You might think a cell phone would be an easy solution, but this would be wrong. Cell phones are pricey and highly distracting. Security guards need to be on high alert 24/7, and providing them with two-way radio devices will ensure that they are distraction free. Learn more about how our 2-way radios and devices can benefit your mall security staff and keep shoppers safe no matter what.


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