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Improving Two-Way Radio Range: Repeaters, Antennas, Bi-Directional Amplifiers, and More

Two-way radios are amazing pieces of technology that paved the way for efficient and real-time communication. But two-way radios have a limited range by which they can operate and deliver seamless and uninterrupted communication. Some two-way radios have a designated limit, and some can be affected by nearby infrastructure and current weather conditions that can potentially limit the range of the radio. If you are using two-way radios for your business, improving your radio range is a great thing to do. So, what can you do to improve your two-way radio range if you need more range to communicate with farther distances? Let’s discuss the solutions down below. 

Signal Repeaters

Signal repeaters or radio repeaters are one of the best tools to use to increase your two-way radio range. But what really are signal repeaters? Signal repeaters capture weak and poor signals. After the repeater captures these weak signals, it amplifies them and rebroadcasts the signal to gain more range. This gives your two-way radios a boost in their overall operating range. These repeaters are made with two different frequencies: one frequency transmits the message and the other receives the message. Signal repeaters are frequently paired with antennas to further maximize the range and quality of your two-way radio signal. If you live in areas with high infrastructure or natural features such as forests and mountains, getting a signal repeater would really help with maximizing your signal range. 

Radio Range


You can use antennas to increase your two-way radio range as well. Antennas, simply put, are metal devices that transmit or capture radio signals. Most likely, you have seen an FM radio. Those FM radios have two metallic rods and those are antennas. Antennas vary in size and type, but if you have the need to improve your two-way radio range, you have to use antennas that are elevated from the ground. An antenna that is high above the ground will receive less signal interruption and interference. Two-way radio signals travel in a straight line, so obstacles such as buildings make it harder for the signal to be received by the receiving end.  This is why antennas are a good choice to increase your two-way radio signal range. You can also use a bigger antenna to make things better. 

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

A bi-directional amplifier is similar to signal repeaters, but these devices are much more powerful and are commonly used to increase the range of the signal coverage for drones, air traffic control, meteorology, and military radio applications. But of course, there are bi-directional amplifiers that are best suited for Improving Two-Way Radio Range

But what really are bi-directional amplifiers? A bi-directional amplifier is a device that supports two-way communication equipment. Just like a signal repeater, it amplifies the signal frequencies of both the transmitting and receiving ends, the only difference is, a bi-directional amplifier contains a low power amplifier and a power amplifier that manages the transmit and receive ends of the signal. This device also has two modes: receive mode and transmit mode. In receive mode, the device amplifies a weak input signal and then feeds it to the radio. In transmit mode, it amplifies the signal that comes from the radio and transmits it further which extends the range of your signal. 

There are chances that your two-way radio has malfunctioning parts that cause the interference and interruptions, rather than the signal itself. If this is the case, have it repaired

Want to know more ways to improve your two-way radio range? Contact Tidewater Communications today and we’ll help you out! 


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