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How Two-Way Radio Keeps Construction Boom Connected

Two-way radios are often simple and dependable pieces of equipment used by a variety of industries. The most prominent industries that use this equipment are emergency services, military and law enforcement, and construction services. In construction, there are certain factors that make way for two-way radios to shine like diamonds in the spotlight: heights and distance.

Communicating with one another is definitely hard to do if people are separated by great heights and distances, and one would most certainly avoid yelling at each other just to hear one another. In an era where there are construction projects happening here and there, communication has become a very important aspect in the construction industry to keep things efficient and quick. 

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Clearer Communication

Workers and project managers can yell at each other if they need to talk, but it is not a good solution, right? Two-way radio communication enables clearer conversations between the workers and other important people on-site.

Engineers, architects, and project managers can also directly talk to each other which further increases communication efficiency. In this way, two-way radios can make the boom of the construction industry clear and efficient. And if construction projects have these communication processes, the project will be erected perfectly and can even slash a significant amount of construction time. 

Safer Work Environment 

Since two-way radios enable clearer communication, instances of accidents are virtually reduced and prevented. Since construction projects typically have some sort of heavy machinery operations that include lift operations, there are chances of accidents and injury. One way to reduce the risk of these unfortunate events is to have clearer guidelines and communication from the safety officers and the workers.

Two-way communications make these safety guidelines easier to give by safety officers and receive by the workers. Some two-way radio models also have built-in features that notify others in the channel that the user is down. These radios have gyroscopes or accelerometers that can sense if someone has passed out or been knocked down. These features make emergency responses quicker and further reduces the chance of severe injury or death. 

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Real-Time and Instantaneous Communication

Heavy machinery and equipment, and construction in general, needs real-time updates and notifications from the workers and to the managers. The good news is, two-way radio communications make this possible. If a worker needs a confirmation from the manager for a certain task, he can just straight up tap a button and the manager can hear every single word he says instantaneously and without any sort of delay (assuming the radio equipment of both the sender and receiver is within reach). This instantaneous communication makes tasks easier and speeds up the overall construction process. 

Reliable Communication

Two-way radios are hardy pieces of equipment that can withstand the harsh environments present in an ongoing construction project. Some two-way radios can even survive falling from several meters in the air, and this is good for workers who ride on boom lifts and other heavy equipment like static cranes since they are carried several feet if not a few meters into the air to access some height-restricted part of a building.

Two-way radios can also be used in areas without cellular signals, unlike phones that rely on the internet and cell sites to function efficiently. These radios are also weather-resistant and dust-resistant making it a trusted ally in a construction site. 

These are the reasons why two-way radios are important for the construction industry and are a very important piece in a boom of construction projects! Contact Tidewater today and learn more about our two-way radios!


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