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How Radio Rentals Improve Hotel Guest Satisfaction

When guests come to a hotel, they are coming for convenience, vacation, pampering, and more. If you want to provide guests with a great time, from check-in to check-out, then your hotel or hotel chain needs radio rentals. By implementing new technologies, like two-way radios, hotels can see a 71% decline in guest complaints. That is huge! If a guest needs something, from a luggage cart to more coffee in their room, your on-site staff can attend to them promptly. 


Tending to the Guests

Think about how you do things now in your hotel, and then imagine how easy and streamlined everything can be if all of the staff members have a radio device. If your hotel has a valet, the parking staff can communicate which parking lots are full, which are open, and which car needs to be pulled from the lot. The hotel porters, also known as bellhops, can let other team members know which luggage is going up, down, or needs to be stored. If a guest calls down to the front desk needing towels or other amenities, the proper team can be promptly contacted so that the customer gets what they need with no delay. 

If a guest feels that their every need was tended to from start to finish, then your hotel’s customer satisfaction scores can go up by 19% or more with new technology like two-way radios. As with any company, reviews are so important. Many guests will log on to Google or Yelp to check out reviews or a hotel before they book their stay. Two-way radios can put your hotel above all the rest in terms of reviews and high customer experience scores. 

Additional Benefits of Radio Rentals in a Hotel 

Every team member in the whole hotel can benefit from a two-way radio, at a fraction of the cost that it would take to provide everyone with cell phones. 

Breakfast is an important commodity in many hotels. Guests look forward to it and expect it during their stay. Two-way radios can make the whole breakfast process 10x smoother. From the set up to the takedown, to the replenishment of cereals and refreshments. If more food needs to be brought out, staff can notify the kitchen, or if a spill happens, the cleaning crew can be notified promptly. 

For hotel guests, it is in the details. The last thing you want is hungry guests waiting for the food or anything else. 


Enhanced Security

Guests who come to your hotel expect a safe and secure place environment. They want to feel at home, and two-way radios can allow staff members to ensure that “at home” feeling. A two-way radio allows for real-time communication without the reliance of spotty cell phone reception. Instead, you get a secure and private network to communicate on, that won’t lag or drop calls. 

In the event of a natural disaster or another type of emergency, two-way radios can ensure that all guests are accounted for and moved to safety. Without a two-way radio system in place, responding to such an emergency may be difficult, unorganized, and chaotic. When lives and safety are at stake, there is no room for errors. A two-way radio solution will eliminate the potential for errors and decrease any potential risk to staff members and guests. 

A small mishap or emergency can turn into a big one if not tended to in the right amount of time. Respond at a drop of a hat with Tidewater Communications two-way radios.  

Radio Rentals and Hotel Events

Hotels are known for having events such as galas, corporate meetings, charity fundraisers, dinners, and more. Two-way radios will make these events less stressful for the staff and more enjoyable for the guests. Think of two-way radios as a joint phone call with all the departments in the hotel, but better. With the two-way radio, everyone can be communicated with at the same time, or individual departments can communicate within their channel. This way, not everyone has to hear about the security details, and the cooking staff can just communicate with each other. 

The beauty of two-way radios is reliable communication when you want it, and where you want it. Contact the communication experts at Tidewater Communications, and we will get you set up with the best radio equipment for your hotel operations. 


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