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How Radio Communication is Saving Retail

Retail is hard work. You have product and inventory to manage, a storefront to maintain, customers to keep happy, and staff members that need breaks, lunches, and assistance. It is almost impossible to keep all those areas flowing seamlessly. With 2-way radio communication, you can manage all these areas more effortlessly than ever before. Be two places at once with, alert staff members of suspicious activity, find customers the product they need, and more with two-way radios.


Preventing Theft

About 45 billion dollars worth of inventory is lost every year due to theft in retail stores and locations. Most of the time, these shoplifters are recurrent offenders. Sometimes they even shoplift from multiple store locations that are a part of the same chain. The best way to prevent recurrent theft is to stay ahead of the shoplifter. If your store has security, this will make it easier, but even if your location does not have a security guard, your staff can still prevent theft with the help of two-way radios.

If everyone in the store is connected with a radio, and one person recognizes a face, then they can notify other team members or even security. If shoplifters are caught before they try to steal, then oftentimes the confrontation is enough to scare them away. Other times, if team members suspect someone is going to steal, then the team member closest to that shoplifter can be notified and they can make them uncomfortable by trying to customer service them.

The safety of your staff is the number one priority, along with ensuring that your inventory is not lost to theft. Stay ahead of shoplifters with 2-way radios and earpiece accessories.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Two-way radios save enormous amounts of time. Perhaps a customer grabbed the wrong size of a piece of clothing, you can radio another team member to promptly locate and bring the right size. A customer might have a question that one team member doesn’t know the answer to, they can radio other staff members to inquire for the customer. When it comes to retail, the goal is to keep customers happy, and with two-way radios, you can do just that.

Staying Organized

Retail locations can range from small boutiques to large department stores. The larger the store, the harder it is to maintain. Radio communication allows retail members to let the team know when they are going on breaks when various areas of the store need attending to when items are out of stock if there is a spill and something needs to be cleaned up, and more. Without radios, team members would be running all over the store trying to locate each other just to tell them something that could easily and discreetly be said over a radio. The best part about radios is that you can have multiple channels so that you can talk to just one person or the whole staff at one time. These features are customizable to your business needs.

Store Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening and closing retail locations can be very time-consuming. Before store opening the customer-facing areas need to be double-checked to ensure that they are ready for the day, cash needs to be pulled out, etc. Radios can help this process go a lot smoother. They can also assist with store closing procedures. For example, trash usually needs to be taken out at night, with two-way radios, staff members can feel safer taking the trash out at night. The closing crew can also notify each other of what tasks are done and which ones still need to be completed. This will help save a lot of back and forth work and double-checking of tasks. You can simply radio to the whole crew and say, “team, was the bathroom already cleaned?” No need to track down every person in the store to ask them if they already did the bathroom. Radios can also be great for assigning tasks. The store manager can come on the radio and tell each person what their closing task(s) is.

Two-way radios like the SL 7000e Series Portable from MotorolaTM provide the perfect solution for retail businesses. Radios like this one help managers stay organized and help staff members to stay on top of their duties without ever missing a beat. Need help finding the perfect 2-way radio from Tidewater Communications? We can match you with the perfect two-way radio solution that will save your retail establishment time and money.


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