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Five Reasons Your Distribution Center Needs Two-Way Radios

For distribution center needs, constant pressure and a fast-paced environment is a real thing. And if things are very hectic, problems will soon knock at the door of your business. So, what is the solution to make your business run smoothly and fast-paced without skipping a beat? The solution is to have seamless and uninterrupted communication among your workers so delays and problems are reduced. Two-way radios are your best buddies if your distribution centers suffer from delayed communication and other issues. 

Here are five reasons why your center needs two-way radios: 

Instant and Seamless Communication with Multiple People

With two-way radios, you can exactly imitate how group chat works. You send a message to a group chat and all members of the group receive your message. But with two-way radios, they hear your voice instantaneously and you can receive their replies in the same sense. Two-way radios are also more reliable and convenient than phones since they do not need a data connection or a load credit. This makes your distribution center more organized, seamless, and really fast-paced without sacrificing everybody’s time and quality of work.

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Dedicated Signal Means Little to Zero Signal Interference

Unlike mobile phones and even high-end smartphones, two-way radios are really incredible and reliable in times where you need them the most. Mobile phones rely on cell towers to get a good signal, and if you are in a rural area, chances are you will not be able to get a good signal. Cell tower signal transmission can also be affected by big buildings, rain, snow, and heavy wind which are the reasons why the signal is low or nonexistent in times of hurricanes, snowstorms, and thunderstorms. With two-way radios, you get better connectivity compared to mobile phones to the point where military-grade signal jammers are the only thing standing between you and the person you want to talk with. 

Sturdy Build and Better Battery Life

Unlike smartphones that are basically the jack-of-all-trades gadget, two-way radios only do one or two things: to communicate and share your geolocation with the one you are talking to. Apart from these two things, two-way radios are basically useless. But the good thing about it is that two-way radios will fare better against your smartphone when it comes to battery longevity partly due to its limited function and just plainly larger battery packs inside them. Two-way radios are also built pretty sturdy (one of the reasons why they are used by soldiers, cops, rescuers, and firefighters). You can drop one from the second or third floor of a building and only see minimal scratches. They are also waterproof, so you can rest assured you still get good communication in times of bad weather. 

You Can Use it Hands-Free

In industries that make heavy use of the human hands, like a distribution center, you may wonder how you can use your two-way radio if both of your hands hold packages. There is good news for you: two-way radios can be equipped with hands-free accessories so you will not have to hold them in your hands very often. With these accessories, your two-way radio can be more effective and convenient for you. Plus, some two-way radio accessories are super cool to use like the transparent spring-like earpiece connected from a two-way radio you see from Secret Service agents. 

New Tech Features to Use

Just like mobile phones, two-way radios continue to evolve and innovate. Many two-way radios today use GPS technology for you to be able to pinpoint the exact location of the person you are talking to. Some two-way radios even have a panic button and emergency button to alert others from a dangerous situation and to call for help. More features are also available but this really depends on the model of your two-way radio.  
Want to equip your distribution center with reliable two-way radios to improve communication? Contact us here at Tidewater and we will walk you through the process!


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