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Two-Way Radios Increase Productivity In Manufacturing Operations

Efficiency and productivity are vital to manufacturing operations. Radios can increase the output of the manufacturing plant while also ensuring an increased and consistent workflow. The use of radios can help streamline daily projects, and therefore more products can get in and out of the warehouse at an increased rate. When your company rents two-way radios from Tidewater Communications, not only will your team be safer, but your revenue will go up as well.

Small or Large Scale Operations 

There are over 12.8 million Americans who currently work in the manufacturing industry. This can include anything from the production of baked goods to the production of cars. In any manufacturing industry, Radios will be a life saver. The average U.S. warehouse is 16,400 square feet with some being much larger. How are employees supposed to communicate with each other across those large distances? Cell phones, especially in a warehouse that blocks cell-tower signals, are unreliable, easily broken, and distracting. Choose two-way radios to keep management teams and other team members connected around the clock. Nobody wants to have to run all over a warehouse or production facility to communicate with management and team members. Eliminate the back and forth and communication flaws with a fleet of radios. 

From start to finish, manufacturing operations need to be conducted timely and with precision. Two-way radios allow for constant connectivity so that production doesn’t get slowed or bottlenecked. 

At Tidewater Communications, we can match you with the best Motorola radio products for your business needs. Whether you run a small scale manufacturing company, or a large scale production warehouse, we have the radios for you and your team. 

Safety First 

Staying connected and the ability to easily report any situation that occurs is vital, especially for the safety of employees. Two-way radios can aid in the prevention of workplace injuries, and if injuries do occur, then they can aid in the speedy response of team members. Anything can happen, equipment can malfunction, a ladder could fall, etc. The best thing you can do for yourself and your company is to be prepared and ready to respond and alert others of the situation via a two-way radio. 

Eliminate unnecessary walking and moving around the facility to communicate tasks, breaks, and operation changes. All this extra movement can put team members in a vulnerable position when it comes to workplace injuries. Some team members may be a part of the delivery operations. With radios, management can monitor their route and ensure safe travels. 

In most warehouses, equipment can be quite loud. This is where the noise cancelation comes in handy. Our radios and earpieces eliminate any distracting background noise, so that any messages that come through are clear and easily heard. In case of emergency, radios facilitate a smooth emergency response, so that management can easily communicate and locate all team members ensuring that they get to safety. 


Giving each team member a company cell phone can be costly. Especially when cell phones are easily broken. One drop on the hard, concrete warehouse floor and a cell phone is done for. Radios are not only affordable, because you can rent them without having to purchase a whole system yourself, but they are durable and built to last in tough conditions. This is what makes two-way radios the practical choice for manufacturing operations. 

Additional Uses 

  • Notify employees when it is time to take a break or lunch. 
  • Notify team members of incoming and outgoing deliveries. 
  • Communicate operational changes. 
  • Keep team members up to date on goals and the days progress. 
  • Members of management can easily communicate with one another. 
  • Those who are inside and outside can easily communicate. 
  • Employees can report back from break/lunch. 

The uses of two-way radios are endless. Once you make the choice to rent radios for your manufacturing company, you will find uses you never thought possible. With them, you can choose to communicate with individual people, or you can communicate with a specific group or team. The choice is yours. Ensure your production team is operating efficiently from point A to Z. There is so much that goes on in a manufacturing plant, and there are a variety of moving pieces that make up the whole operation. If one piece of the equation is not operating at its highest capacity, then the whole operation faces falling short.


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