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Boosting Wireless Coverage & Communication for Construction Industry

Are you looking for a way to take your construction crew to the next level? Do you need an innovative way at staying connected during times of decreased cellular coverage? Then you need a two-way radio system for your construction crew. Learn how radios and BDA/DAS systems can help boost your wireless coverage around the construction site.

Benefits of Radios at the Construction Site  

If you are in the construction industry, you know that construction sites can get loud. Who could possibly hear the faint volume of a cell phone in an environment like that? Between our radios and speakers, the background noise of the construction zone will be blocked out. Allowing you and your team the ability to hear each other communicate more clearly. Not only that, but the radios we provide are lightweight and easy to use. Don’t rely on cell phones that die quickly even while you’re not using them. Instead, rely on two-way radios that have long-lasting batteries even for those 12 hour working days that many construction workers are used to. 

Radios are perfect for dispatching workers to their daily construction sites, communicating with team members, notifying each other of breaks and lunches, and staying connected and organized regarding the day-to-day progress and operations at the construction site. 


BDA and DAS 

DAS or distributed antenna systems and BDAs or bi-directional amplifiers play a crucial part in any construction project, one that the construction team can benefit from during the building process. We can help install DAS/BDAs to the buildings that you currently have under construction. In order to pass certain inspections and acquire proper permits, you need these built into your building’s infrastructure. While these are a permanent addition to the building, during the time your construction team is working on a project, they can benefit from the increased wireless coverage that these systems have to offer. Not only will this increase productivity but by boosting wireless coverage your team will also benefit from the increased safety that comes with better communication.  

Think of installing these as two birds, one stone. The sooner you install these boosters, the sooner you comply with local regulations, and the sooner your team can benefit from having their communication signals boosted. The best of both worlds, right? 

BDAs are especially helpful in areas where signal tends to be significantly weaker. Areas such as stairways, elevators, parking garages, maintenance rooms, underground areas, and more. DAS are typically placed around and outside buildings to help amplify any outside signals and bring those signals inside. 


Keep Everyone Accounted For 

Construction workers usually don’t work out of one office all day. They are on the go, visiting various sites a day or at one site. With radios not only do you get boosted wireless coverage amongst workers, but you can keep track of who is at what site. You can utilize GPS tracking to keep everyone accounted for and to ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be. This added benefit is great in case of an emergency so that you can communicate and locate each worker’s whereabouts. 


A construction site is not meant for delicate devices. A cell phone with a glass screen and backing may easily be damaged on the job. Not only that, but they are a distraction, and your team needs to be free of distractions in order to eliminate errors on the job. Radios allow for proper communication to be had while also eliminating distractions. You can’t get social media on a radio, and that is a good thing when it comes to needing a distraction free zone. Radios can handle the wear and tear of the construction life, handling drops a lot better than any cell phone would. If you need a reliable communication solution that is built to last, then Tidewater Communications has what you need.  

What Are You Waiting For? 

Every construction team can benefit from having better communication. Whether your team works on roadwork, commercial or residential builds, renovations, new developments, or other construction projects, you too can celebrate the advantages of two-way radios. Get the job done right and fast the first time, with the boosted coverage that radios provide.


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